Wednesday, January 16, 2013


pernah dak hampa masuk toilet pastu hampa kebasahan?.. kebasahan macam mana hampa tanya? basah lencun akibat paip toilet yang rosak?

aduuuhhh tadi nak basuh baju ternampak seluaq yang aku pakai hari tu... ambik kuaq dari suitcase teringat kejadian tak diingini kat mid valley. Seluaq merah yg basah lencun hari tu.. Malu nyaaaaa... 

Al kisah..... kawan ku nak makan lunch so naik ke Bulgogi Brothers.. kat newly renovated Mid Valley level tuh..  Dok sembang pung pang pung pang aku plak nak terkucil... sejuk gila tempat baru renovate.. makanan baru ja letak atas meja aku excuse pi carik tandas.. pusing pusing level tu tak dak tandas.. aku jumpa tangga turun bawah kat exit area mana ntah... then seb bek la jumpa.. dah tak tahan sgt sgt dah ni...

berlari lari anak nak cepat dok teringat makanan panas kat atas tu mesti sejuk cepat sbb aircond sgtlah kuat tadi.. masuk one of the closed WC... did my business then tak der paip panjang yang seperti biasa tu... alamak... tumpuan aku teralih pada muncung bidet kat dalam toilet bowl tu.. so memandangkan aku mengadap toilet bowl tu aku bend down reaching kepala paip bidet tu.. terletak kat sebelah bowl (i assume korang tau bidet tu camna la ek) while my waistline betul betul bertentang toilet bowl tuh... capai ja i turned that kepala paip gently so the water would come out gently from the bidet's tip... unfortunately... siiiiikkkiiiiiitttttt jaaa aku pulas kepala paip tuh.... the water suddenly shooooooooottttt like a fighter jet out from the bowl straight to my crotch sbb im facing the toilet bowl and some splashes towards the door!!... aku tergamam.................................... lambat la plak react... sengallllll gilerrrrrr..... lencun yer... lencun!!! i wasnt expecting water shooting out like that from a bidet!!! arghhhh....

panic jap!!! check my pocket... arghhhhh i left my phone kat Bulgogi Brothers atas meja with my friend... arghhh.... berdiri kat situ pandang siling... thinking... what have i done today to deserve this?.... rasa nak hantuk ja kepala kat toilet bowl tuhhh!!... bodohnyaaaaaa......

i was there... in the WC for about 45MINS!!!... i pat and pat and run outside get towels quickly when i hear there was nobody at the loo... malu gilaaaa.. mesti org ingat aku kencing lam seluaq kalu org nampak.... i have to make it dry a bit.. thank God the material tak nampak sgt kesan basah.. by the time aku naik balik nak makan.... tinggal daging sejuk ja.. i lost my appetite that day.. and of course.. tak kena gelak ngan kawan aku tu.. tak sah la. sengal!

*kesian lak cleaner kat situ.. kena jerit ngan aku sbb tak block toilet tuh.. mmmmm

Monday, June 28, 2010

owh its a happy new day but i hate it when you..

1. came into the cabin with 3 huge bags and then struggling to put them in the hatrack assuming me to assist?! have you heard of check in baggage system?!! check in jer lahh! sengal tul!

2. pepandai tukar and rearrange seat for your group without waiting til boarding session completed and everyone's seated.. especially you damn head tour guide! you've caused massive confusion to other passengers! at the end of the day 245 passengers call me to settle the problem that u've caused!!

3. asked me for water again when you know the guy next to you have asked me for water earlier.. u think this aisle is a runway for me to catwalk!!!

4. wanted to read magazine that obviously only available in business class.. get your ass up and take it yourself!!

5. tell me to check your vegetarian meal if it's catered.. which u said you have requested upon booking.. as i place your veg meal on your table you see the menu there is a nice delicious snapper in red sauce with beans and all the sudden you change your mind??!! then dont bother request the bloody vegetarian earlier you dumb ass!!!

6. said "i have a british passport is there a toilet for british?" in your f*ckin *ndian accent at the same time waving your f*ckin passport to my f*ckin face!

7. started screaming at me for not having your preferred seats! guess what? it's not my bloody fault.. CHECK IN ONLINE and choose your seat there bugger!!!!!

8. ignored me when i said "put your seat upright for the landing please".. you think i did that for fun?!! try to stand up quickly when the person infront of you didnt put his seat upright.. incase of emergency during take off or landing you'll pretty much stuck in there!!.. bet you never consider that to your fellow passenger behind you huh??..

9. didnt have the patience to wait for your turn! while im serving this passenger DO NOT interrupt me with your request until im done one at a time!

10. asked me again for the meal choices when i already mention it twice and you have been given a menu earlier... owh.. taking 3 minutes to decide is a f*ckin joke!

...have a great flight!